Tower Rock

Tower Rock, a natural limestone formation on the Mississippi River in Perry County, Missouri, was accessible during the drought of 2012.

Tower Rock at sunrise, July,  2012
Sunrise over an impoundment south of Tower Rock.
A rock outcrop to the south of Tower Rock is revealed during the drought.
Tower Rock
July, 2012
A riverboat pushes past the Eastern side of Tower Rock in the main channel of the Mississippi River.
A bow hunter crosses the shallow Mississippi River in July, 2012 from the Missouri bank to Tower Rock.
A bow hunter fishes off Tower Rock.
Low water level allowed hikers to access Tower Rock via a land bridge
 during the drought. This photo from January, 2013
A west view from the top of Tower Rock shows the land bridge connecting the limestone formation to the Missouri shore. A river channel usually cuts through here.
Tower Rock at night.
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